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Glass (Pâte de Verre), found play blocks

12”x 11.5”x 5 ½”


03_Wee Hours of the Night copy.jpg
02_Wee Hours of the Night.jpg

Into the Wee Hours of the Night is about exploration and mystery seen through the lens of childhood nostalgia. During the Northlands residency In Lybster, Scotland, Stephen and I would go on evening walks after the closure time of the studio. We wondered down trails that would bring us on the edge of the landscape, overlooking the vast blue of the sea. Stiff cliff faces would be companioned with shaggy meadows of green grass. Pockets of sounds would pass us like the baaing of sheep or the sweet calling of birds soaring above our heads. As the time continued to roll onwards like ripples in the water our walks would bring us back to the main street of Lybster. By this time the sun would be starting its descent upon the mountain range in the far distance. There always seemed to be a giggling congregation of children playing in the park at this time. Witnessing their joy and playful mannerisms we could not help to contemplate about childhood in this remote, rugged landscape that was entrenched with such poignant historical ruins.   

This transparent representation of a handkerchief over wooden play blocks has three little girl-outlined drawings, mischiefly walking over the text “Into the wee hours of the night”. The time when dusk falls over the land creates a perfect setting for mystery and magic to occur. The narration of the figures with the terrain of the glass cloth is a poetic way to encapsulate our reflections from our evening strolls.        

North Lands Creative AiR Collection

Collaboration with Stephen Paul Day