Found chair, metal pillow


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Exchange, investigates notions of perception; a household chair and fabricated metal pillow create an exchange with their image in space, a photograph of the pairing, reflecting back at its source. The actual domestic furnishings (chair, pillow) operate dynamically in 3-dimentional space and can be experienced in-the-round, whereas the photograph, a flat rigid plane, seemingly stands in its own space, leaning against the wall, challenges the tradition in which an image is typically viewed, while suggesting its physical presence by stepping into a sculptural world. Both objects and image are carefully composed and, together, create a spatial tension through their separation, questioning the tenuous relationship between tradition and non-tradition, object and image. Exchange references Joseph Kosuth's One and Three Chairs. 1965. Playing off of ideas surrounding language of objects as visual codes challenging perspectives on meaning and medium.


Photo Credit: Ken Giles