25 Meadow Lane

EVA foam, silicone, found chair, digital

prints, plastic shoe mats, hard cover book




Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 2.45.01 AM cop

25 Meadow Lane is an interactive installation that is comprised of manipulated EVA foam play mats, miniature flesh toned silicone furniture, black shoe mats and large-scale text prints. The text printed on the large panels is the poem 25 Meadow Lane written out in a trace-along template. The white book is another manifestation of the poem designed for individual intake.
This installation experiments with the role that repetition can play with regard to learning, developing memory, and alternatively, how it effects traumatic experiences. This installation takes it's title from, 25 Meadow Lane, the address of the house from which the floor blue print was modeled after. Using child-safe materials and pedagogical methods of display, this installation tackles difficult content around family dynamics and middle class issues within the mold of suburbia. The constant repetition of the poem in multiple different forms elevates the play zone that is put in place to act as the main setting.


Photo Credit: Ellen Belshaw