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AiR Residency North Lands Creative
Collaborator – Stephen Paul Day
May 8 – 31, 2019
Image Credit - Angus Mackay Photography

Stephen Paul Day and I set off on a journey that involved planes, trains, and automobiles to reach Lybster, Scotland, for our collaborative arts residency at North Lands Creative. The transition from the hustle and bustle of Montréal to the serene atmosphere of Lybster was striking. Stephen, hailing from New Orleans, also presented him with a flip in reality.


Lybster welcomed us with its charm as a quaint coastal town surrounded by a rugged landscape. The month of May marked our designated time slot to experiment and develop our work within North Lands' mould making and kiln rooms. Our primary technical focus centered around the Pâte de Verre casting process. Throughout our stay, I received instruction on crafting frit and utilizing different styles of kilns. The experience provided an excellent opportunity to experiment and engage in discussions about art within the context of glass.


The studio not only facilitated our artistic exploration but also connected us with fellow artists from the UK. Nestled amidst stunning hiking trails, the wild surroundings were formidable, yet the rich history and vibrant storytelling made the lengthy journey worthwhile.


I extend my gratitude to the administrative and technical staff who supported Stephen and me during our stay.

Image Cedit - David Hall
Driving into Lybster
Highland Sheep
Stephen and Emma
Emma and I exploring
Stephen sitting on the edge
Working in mould making room.
Frit dusting process into shallow, plaster mould.
Glass Experiments
Large kiln prepared for second firing.
Plaster Mould of Handkerchief
Glass Slumping Second Firing - Small Kiln
Glass Slumping Second Firing - Small Kiln
Preparing moulds for firing.
Hot glass casting manipulation. Safety Outfit
Hot glass casting manipulation.
Special thanks to North Lands Creative staff especially Michael Bullen and Emma Goring
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