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Rear Passenger Door - Operating Hydraulic Manipulator Arm
I secured a summer position in 2018 at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Assembly Plant in Windsor, Ontario, as a Temporary Part-Time (TPT) worker. As part of this role, I was required to adapt to various tasks on the assembly line based on the full-time employee absences. The plant primarily specialized in producing the Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Caravan. My main area of expertise eventually became "Final Car." This manufacturing environment was a fast paced, organized cluster of intensity. Initially, the harshness of the setting was overwhelming and daunting, but as I found my rhythm, I began to understand the intricate dynamics among groups of line workers, robotic machinery, and the expansive scale of the factory. This experience left me inspired, prompting me to create a series of drawings that delve into the nuanced aspects of the manufacturing cosmos.  
Exterior of Assembly Plant
Assembly Line
Spot welding robotic arms at work.
Overhead Multi-Carrier-System for Vans
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