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Carving in print studio.
Print Studio - Toms Hall
Reduction Woodcuts Course
Instructor – Ruairi Fallon
August 11 – 18, 2023
During the month of August, I took part in a reduction woodcut course at Bild-Werk Frauenau in Germany. This course focused on the creation of a multiple layer relief print using only one block.


PROCESS - Transferring image on to the block, carve the block, ink it and then, using traditional presses, transfer image onto paper. This process is repeated working from light to dark, slowly building a complete image. The layers are built up on the paper, while reducing the block to a final detailed layer.


The fact that once a layer was completed and runs of prints hit desired quota the following step of carving would forever eliminate those marks depicted on that previous layer. Once the image on the prints hit the max point of detail, the wood block has been carved down to a thin plank. This process does not allow the artist to be overly fussy with carving intentions through the block. It forced me to accept the decisions and marks I made and to continue to push forward with a set number of editions. The final block becomes obsolete allowing an ephemeral moment to exist in the creation of the print.

Art Academy Logo
Print Studio - Toms Hall
My working space in print studio.
Carving Tool
Personal archival photo inspiration - Woodcut Process
Personal archival photo inspiration - Woodcut Process
Printing Ink Station - Colour Mixing
Front lawn of Bild-Werk Frauenau
Ruairi Fallon &  Flux  - 1/15, Reduction, 2018

Ruairi Fallon - Course Instructor
Woodcut examples & studio space while at Bild-Werk.
Ruairi's working space in print studio.
Map of Frauenau
Funky Alien Plant

Special Thanks to Bild-Werk Frauenau admin and technical staff for making yet another summer academy a lovely place to make and talk about art!

This video sums up the charming, bohemian vibe Bild-Werk has for artist and art lovers from around the world to come and create.
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