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SPD & Natalie post bronze pour.
Bild-Werk Frauenau, nestled in the quaint village of Frauenau (Bavaria) Germany, stands as a non-profit educational institution celebrated both regionally and internationally for its expertise in glass-making, traditional visual art practices, and its role as a vibrant stage for music and culture. Its charming locale fosters a unique border-crossing exchange with the Czech Republic and a Bohemian sub-culture.
The inception of the International Summer Academy courses at Bild-Werk Frauenau can be traced back to the Eisch family, notably Erwin and Gretel Eisch. The Academy's primary focus lies in nurturing artistic and creative endeavours with glass, spanning both hot and cold techniques, complemented by a secondary emphasis on traditional and innovative methods within the visual arts domain.
Bild-Werk's open philosophy facilitates interdisciplinary exchanges among individuals, various media, and diverse materials, attracting artists from Eastern and Western Europe and around the globe.
During my previous Art/Industry internship at JMKAC, I had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Stephen Paul Day (SPD). His invitation for me to serve as his teaching assistant for a bronze and glass casting course marked the beginning of a transformative journey. This experience evolved into two additional teaching assistant opportunities alongside Stephen, and his introduction to Bild-Werk became a catalyst for numerous doors opening in my personal and professional art-making career.
Describing the magic of Bild-Werk's studio and the palpable creative energy within is a challenge. One must experience in person to understand. I hold dear every moment and memory, from the development of my glass art to lively, whimsical nights filled with songs around bonfires and conversations delving into the complexities of art-making. I hope to return in future summers to come. 

Big thank you to all staff, admin and volunteers who make the summer academy happen every year!
bild-werks Tom Hall Außenraum - bild-werk's Tom Hall Outdoor Space
Malatelier - Painting Studio
View from bedroom window.
Summer Academy Catalog - 2017
Summer Academy Catalog - 2018
Summer Academy Catalog - 2019
 Frauenau’s Iconic Church
Frauenau Train Station
Main Street of Frauenau
Corky illustration panels in historic Gistlsaal.
 Frauenau’s Summer Beer Festival
Good old times at the back of Gaswerk.
Dinner Party to kick off summer 2017.
Dinner party with the one and only Erwin Eisch.
Painting Zircar
Zircar moulds ready to be fired.
Glass Casting - check moulds in kiln.
The Dream Team
Summer 2018
Hot Glass Experimentation
Experimentation - Leaf
Torsten Rötzsch & Danielle Brensinger - Hot Shop
Jean-Simon Trottier & SPD - Hot Shop
Gathering Hot Glass
Alginate Moulds
Zircar moulds buried in sand ready for molten bronze.
Zircar moulds ready for bronze pour.
Making bronze ingots.
Bronze Pour with SPD (Photo Credit - Michal Poustka)
Metal Machining Shack
Break time at Tom's Hall.
SPD loading kiln for glass casting.
Mini and large glass beer stein.
Studio Shenanigans
Bild-Werk Parade Banner
Marching in parade with glass bell.
Sushi dinner party with class all thanks to Kyoko Takeuchi.
Beer festival line dancing.
SPD & Anne Petters Bronze and Glass Course
Summer 2019
Weighing out glass frit with Natsumi Jones.
Bronze Pour with SPD (Photo Credit - Michal Poustka)
Bronze Pour with SPD (Photo Credit - Michal Poustka)
Bronze Pour with SPD (Photo Credit - Michal Poustka)
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