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Arts/Industry - Internship
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
July - August 2016

Kohler Plant Entrance Sign
During my pursuit of a master's degree in fine arts, I landed a summer internship through the Arts/Industry Program ran by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan & Kohler, Wisconsin. This immersive experience led me into the heart of the Kohler Co. Metal Foundry Division. Delving into the realm of sand casting with various types of iron and brass, I not only honed my skills but also contributed to maintaining the studio space in collaboration with the Arts/Industry Artists-in-Residence.
Working alongside accomplished artists such as Stephen Paul Day, as well as the dynamic duo Jonas Sebura & Alex Gartelmann, enriched my understanding of artistic processes. Under the skillful guidance of Garett Krueger, the Studio Technician, I gained valuable insights into the intricate workings of the foundry.
This internship served as the catalyst for the inception of my master's thesis work, initiating the creative journey that would follow. The experience was nothing short of remarkable, allowing me to engage in the creation of art amidst the controlled chaos of an industrial setting. Beyond artistry, I expanded my skill set by obtaining a forklift license and gaining an insider's perspective on the operations of a foundry at such a grand scale.
My gratitude extends to the entire JMKAC staff, technicians, Kohler factory employees, and fellow artists who collectively transformed my internship into an unforgettable and enriching adventure. I am truly thankful for the support and camaraderie that made this experience a kick-ass time!
Iron Foundry 125 Years Celebration Poster
Kohler Iron Bath Tubs Production Line - Archive Image
Arts/Industry Studio - Taking a break
Arts/Industry Studio - Preparation for sand casting.
Sand Casting Mould Making - PepSet Machine
Sand Casting Mould Making - PepSet Machine
Brass Casting - nervous about mould
Brass Casting - leak in mould
Back Scrap Yard of Iron Foundry
Back Scrap Yard of Iron Foundry
Magnetic Overhead Crane
Breaking Open Sand Casted Moulds
Foundry employee gifting me an iron wind chime.
Foundry employee gifting me an iron wind chime.
Foundry Operations Supervisor / Best Tour Guide!
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