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I'sijka - Speed
Cuachtli - Vision
Xixipochtic - Collision
Ollin - Movement
Manahuia - Protection
Optical Collision

Collaboration  with Minerva Ayón

Ink & pen on graph paper
Mexico / Windsor, Canada


Is a vibrant drawing exchange between Canada and Mexico. This Exhibition juxtaposes detailed ink renderings of spheres backed by spontaneous bleeding coloured ink formations. Its a collision of differing styles and methods of production.

Installation at Cafe Amor
Installation at Café Amor & Art, Windsor, ON
Spanish Promotional Poster - Café Amor
Optical Collision Promotional Poster - Café Amor
Optical Collision art exhibition tour is currently in circulation through the Essex County Library network of branches. The exhibition kicked off this December at the LaSalle – Bill Varga Branch and will end in Spring 2024 at the Lakeshore – Toldo Branch. Special thanks to my collaborator Minerva Ayòn and the Librarians who helped to see this tour happen.  
LaSalle - Bill Varga Branch
Amherstburg Library Branch
Leamington Library Branch
Kingsville - Highline Branch
Lakeshore - Toldo Library Branch.jpg
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