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M-410ib_700 & Gina
AM100iB & Julie
Montreal Embossed Logo 2021 - On bottom right hand corner of drawings.
Windsor Embossed Logo 2022 - On bottom right hand corner of drawings.
SP100 & Cindy
M-410ib_160 & Heidi
M-710ic_50's & Brittany
S430iR & Tina
YW888ib_500 & Tiffany
MB987_200 & Katie
MM58_10 & Kelly
Industrial Floor Play
Charcoal, Ink, Marker, Colored Pencil
2021 - 2022

In tonal charcoal, the drawings explore the synergy between industrial robots and feline grace, inspired by work experience within the automotive manufacturing sector. The drawings evoke a dance, where the feline femininity gracefully intersects with the robotic hyper masculinity. Amidst the machinery, a harmonious composition emerges, revealing an unexpected balance between two seemingly disparate worlds. This work speaks to the gender politics that play out within that high paced, loud factory setting.  
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