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There are people in this world who take comfort in spaces that are meticulously coordinated. Imagine walking into a bathroom that has a matching shower curtain, towels, floor mat, soap dispenser and toilet seat shammy. Then imagine that not only do those items match, but the walls, tiles, and painted accent are all coordinated. To some, this is a triggering homage to hyper femininity, and to others it’s a place of refuge. To me, this space possesses a dark aura of order. “Home” is a word that many people, including myself, associate with “comfort”. But, more than comfort, what takes president when I think of home is the oozing behaviour of control. This idea of control within our living space, and potentially our workspace, acts as a barrier against the unpredictability and creeping chaos of the outside world.

My work investigates these barriers and coping mechanisms I observe in everyday life. How
does gender identity and politics come into play as a behaviour of control? Why is mundane life saturated in the idea that everything must be and have an order? Do we become “mundane” when we achieve what we perceive to be perfection? These are questions that bounce around inside my head as I move through daily life and eventually get teased out and become reality in my artistic practice.

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